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Would you buy a wristband?

I have an announcement! I'm really excited to share these. Okay, I am making two custom wristbands.

1) The first one is an atheist wristband in white that says “Proud Atheist“.

2) The second one is an ED recovery wristband in purple that says “Fighter” for all those in recovery and/or those who have recovered. The colour purple has a variety of meanings: Eating Disorder Awareness, Alzheimer’s Disease, Chrohn’s Disease, Domestic Violence, Epilepsy, Fibromyalgia, General Cancer, Lupus, Pancreatic Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis and Relay for Life. So even though I’m applying the meaning to this wristband as “eating disorder recovery”, it can apply to all of these causes! Thus, this wristband may represent the cause of your choice.


(note: the words will be debossed on the finished product)

I want to buy these wristbands in bulk and I need an estimate as to how many I should order and which types. My questions to you all are:

1) Would you buy a wristband for $4.00 CAN?
2) If so, which type (white or purple)?
3) Would you prefer a thick band or a thin band?
4) In what size? (Large - 8 inches or Adult- 7 inches or Child - 5 inches)
5) And how many would you buy? (Each additional wristband is 0.50 cents. Ex: if you buy four bands your total is $5.50)
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