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ryled's Journal

RecoverYourLife's Eating Disorder Community
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You Are Not Alone

Welcome to the RYL Eating Disorder Community.

Everyone & anyone is welcome here, whether you suffer from anorexia, bulimia, EDNOS, COE. Anything. Also if you are the relative or friend to an eating disordered person or if you just plain want to learn more about the subject.

We also realise that depression & self injury can come from this, so those matters are also welcome. Or if you just want to let us know how your day went.

You can post about your day, useful links, distractions, helpful distractions you’ve found, artwork, writing, anything really. Same as you would in the forum ;)

The Rules
· Please remember that RYL & all RYL related matters are aimed towards pro recovery and pro survival. I do understand the Pro eating disorders movements however any eating disorder encouragement cannot be condoned. This includes the posting of thinspiration pictures.
· Keep all overly triggering material behind an LJ cut.
· No insulting, bullying, or general nastiness towards the members of this community please. We are all together in this.
· No suicide threats please. I know it’s hard and sometimes the end is all we can see, however this isn’t fair on a community of caring people who will worry.

Apart from that…have fun!

Your mods- ___antique(control freak)&sunhitirael(Delephynite). Any problems, contact one of us please.

Please do not ask us for "tips" on how to lose weight. If you want to lose weight, do it the safe, healthy way please. A link for healthy weight loss can be found here-

So, you've come here looking for ways to lose weight, right?